Hudson Boat Works @beAshark Concept 2 @concept2 HPC @hpcRSA FutureLife @futurelifeza
It was awesome to be part of the Shark Team. Having a custom boat was the best experience ever. And the boat was fast! The support from Hudson Boat Works is out of this world! A special thanks to Glen and Rudd for amazing support. Hanging out at the Hudson tent at World Cups is the best! C2 has an incredible worldwide network so our oars are available for us everywhere we go. Thanks Pat for incredible support and giving me the chance to be one of the first to test the skinny’s. I love the way the shaft feels in my hands. Training at the High Performance Center in Pretoria is an amazing experience. The support to succeed is well received. My special thanks to Monja Human, Nicky deVilliars, Mandy and all the physios at HPC! Many thanks for the training fuel provided from Futurelife. Being Gluten-free, and no-GMO is great. Its the fuel for performance!
JL Racing @JLRowing The Next Step PT web Oakley @oakleySA NOW Foods @NOWFoods
Once on board with JL, I could never look back. The openness to design and create functional and fun gear is a dream! For custom gear, this is your store! Thank you Joline and Ken for your support! Karen Calara is fabulous. With an overall approach to the therapy she gets you better and keeps you better! She is a strength and condition coach too! Because you just can’t compete with Oakley. Oakley wins. Thank you Greg Welsh for having a heart of a champion! Supporting NOW Foods has been a great experience and I can’t thank the team (Jim and Alana) from Now Foods enough for my great gear and products!
The Real Thing web Restwise @restwise ROWPERFECT @rowperfectRP3 Living Tree Community @livingtree
When I was looking for a high quality fish oil in South Africa, I came across THE REAL THING in Dischem. Upon doing my research, they really stood out with sound practises and quality oils. Andrea from The Real Thing was quick to help support me with amazing products! Thank you so much! Recovering is such a individual process. With Restwise, I am learning more and more about how to recovery better, so I can train harder. Thank you Matthew for being a continual support! Under this banner, there are many people to thank: From Frans, Robbrecht, Carlos, to the late Cas Rekers and now Jan Lammers and Marjolein Rekers continue with the Rowperfect legacy. I Love my RP! Jesse continues to a gracious supporter of my dreams and his sponsorships with his wonderful Almond Butter and company newsletters are dear to my heart.
Lake Union Crew @lakeunioncrew Nielsen-Kellerman @NK_Performance Hammer Nutrition @hammerSA Positive Performance @positiveperform
Thank you to Rome and Mara for all the support at Lake Union Crew. You have created a platform from which we can jump and fly and be fast!

Come learn to row at LUC!

Thank you for the help with my new GPS speedcoach, and all the help to the TeamRowSA! A great product and a great company with so much research into endurance fuels! I love the Recoverite. If ordering in the USA: Use my client number when order for extra discount! #Client Number – 113683 I met Lindsey Wilson at the WAC where she showed me some of the things that were holding me back from being at the top. Her online performance training is really cool to work through and I highly recommend it!
Lake Stevens Anytime Fitness @anytimefitness WAC facebook Bat Logic / Athlete Performance Solutions @nikerowing National Communications / Kenwood web
Jennifer Smith from Lake Stevens Anytime Fitness is one of those people that change your life. She will tell you how it is. but also really cares for you to succeed. I’m honoured to have worked for you, and to have met you! What an honour to be part of the membership at the WAC. Thank you Wayne for keeping me in your pool of athletes! Thank you Ed Wittich for the continued evaluation with Bat Logics. Together with the Nike Omeda shoes and support form Shane Goodsell at Nike, Portland, the combo works well! Thank you to the Kenwood Team (aka my parents, Dave and Susan Grobler) for helping us with two-way radios (walkie-talkies) in training!
Row-Ware web Pedro Bastos facebook Amy Kubal @AmykRd Omega Nutrition @omega_nutrition
The SEAN software for the Rowperfect is unmatched! The data you get when you connect the Rowperfect to a laptop is worth every cent! Thank you Justus Janssen for your continual support! Thank you to Pedro Bastos and NutriScience, for being a master in the ways of the Paleo Diet. He helped me really understand some of the reasons why paleo performance works. Amy is this amazing dietician who helped me to perform like a machine. She is on staff with paleo guru Robb Wolf and continues to teach us the paleo ways! The original flaxseed company has its manufacturing right in Bellingham, WA! I love their pumpkin seed butter!
Fact Canada & Innovative Fitness Shuttle Systems @shuttlesystems Shimano Rowing @shimanosrd Altitude Tech web
Juerg has an endless search for better training practises, especially when using the Spirotiger. Together with Graham Duthie from Innovative Fitness, I know I’m in good hands with my sports testing! The partnership with Shuttle Systems has been rewarding. Thank you Kris for helping guide our path. Thank you Maas for your trial shoes and also to Hiroshi who continues to support me. Thank you Ka-yu for your energy and advise in various ways to train better.
Croker Oars @crokeroars RTC-ZH @RTCZH OKC HP @RowOKC_HP Fenerbache Kurek web
Thank you Darren for supporting me from early on and sending us cut down blades and different shaft weights to try. Thank you for the RTC support that is helping us with great training options in the Netherlands! OKC was a great place to train and the boathouse remains an architectural beauty! An amazing experience to row and represent the great Fenerbache club and be part of the Galatasaray rivalry!
University of Washington Potentrx Seattle Sports Medicine Nell Stephenson
It has been an honour to work with the UW crew team. I never went to college in the USA, and have been able to get a taste of what fun it can be! The medical support from Potentrx has been great. Thank you to Dr Dan Tripps who supported me. It has helped to make sure we are on the right track. Thanks you to the Team at SPM in Fremont, Seattle! Under the guidance of Dr Emily Cooper and in the name of science, it was cool to push for perfect performance! Nell set me in the right direction. She opened my eyes to the Paleo ways. If you ever need some consulting, she is the one! She also has meal plans available on her site!
Level 4 – CrossFit Seattle CrossFit All-In GT Dave’s Kombucha Klesick Family Farm
Thanks to Mike who worked with me on the OLY lifts and Dave for connecting with me This is where I got my first introduction to CrossFit and I thank Jay for all his support! Dave has been so kind in providing free coupons of a great drink. Love the taste. The multi-green flavour is my favourite! I really believe in buying local and supporting community farming. I was very excited to learn about this box of goodness