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Chosen ones
Hudson Boat Works C2 - Oars Amy Kubal - Fuel as RX Hammer Nutrition
It is awesome to be part of the Shark Team and row these amazing boats. The support from Hudson Boat Works is out of this world! With great networking and support, C2 oars are available for us everywhere we go. Thank you for making it happen! Amy is my dietician who is getting me to perform like a machine. Her meal plans are spot on, and she is on staff with paleo guru Robb Wolf. The support from Hammer has been phenomenal. A great product and a great company with so much energy and research! I love the Recoverite. Nothing comes near it, as well as the whey protein powder. Use my client number when order for extra discount! #Client Number - 113683
JL Racing Next Step PT - Karen Calara Oakley Fact Canada & Innovative Fitness
Once on board with JL, I could never look back. The openness to design and create functional and fun gear is a dream! For custom gear, this is your store! Karen is fabulous. With an overall approach to the therapy she gets you better and keeps you better! She is a strength and condition coach too! Because you just can't compete with Oakley. Juerg has an endless search for better training practises, especially when using the Spirotiger. Together with Graham Duthie from Innovative Fitness, I know I'm in good hands with my sports testing!
RTC-ZH Restwise NOW Brand Bat Logic - Ed Wittich / Athlete Performance Solutions
Thank you for the RTC support that is helping us with great training options in the Netherlands! Recovering is such a individual process. With Restwise, I am learning more and more about how to recovery better, so I can train harder. Simple really, but hard to define. If you must take supplements, then I recommend NOW Brand. Always the label's have been free of all grains and show only the cleanest of ingredients! Thank you Ed for the continued evaluation and support! The Bat Logic shoes are fast becoming the standard. Together with the Nike Omeda shoes, the Bat Logic plates help increase my speed!
Altitude Tech Row-Ware - Justus Janssen ROWPERFECT - Jan Lammers Lake Union Crew
Thank you Ka-yu for your energy and advise to Carlos in various ways to train better. The SEAN software for the Rowperfect is unmatched! The data I get when you connect the Rowperfect to a laptop is worth every cent! Under this banner, there are many people to thank: From Frans Göbel, Carlos Dinares, to the late Cas Rekers. Now continuing on with RP3 is Marjolein Rekers and Jan Lammers. I Love my RP! Thank you to Rome and Mara for all the support at Lake Union Crew. You have created a platform from which we can jump and fly, fast! Come learn to row at LUC!
Omega Nutrition NutriScience - Pedro Bastos Living Tree Community Anytime Fitness - Jennifer Smith
The original flaxseed company has its manufacturing right in Bellingham, WA! I love their pumpkin seed butter! Thank you to Pedro Bastos, a master in Paleo Diet for all your help with better food lifestyle choices and providing the why. Researching at good food practices, I came across Living Tree Community. Jesse has been a gracious sponsor of his wonderful goodness. Thank you to the support and all the people at Anytime Fitness in Lake Stevens and Mill Creek, WA.
Shuttle Systems Nell Stephenson Kenwood USA Cummins Chiropractic
The continued partnership with Shuttle Systems and us has been so rewarding. Thank you for helping guide our path. Nell set me in the right direction. She opened my eyes to the Paleo ways. If you ever need some consulting, she is the one! She also has meal plans available on her site! Thank you to the Kenwood Team for helping us with two-way radios (walkie-talkies) in training and at the World Rowing Championships in New Zealand! Thank you to the team for looking after our bodies making them as well performing machines as possible!
Paleo Cookbooks - Recipes for the Paleo Diet
Little MissMatched Klesick Family Farm Suuno Paleo Cookbooks
Thank you to a super fun sock company. I really believe in buying local and supporting community farming. I was very excited to learn about this box of goodness. Thank you for the update product and replacements and so much more! Thank you to Nikki Young for her wonderful recipes and insight into the Paleo way of eating.
GT Dave's Kombucha Crossfit All in - Jay Roughton University of Washington  
Dave has been so kind in providing free coupons of a great drink. Love the taste. The multi-green flavour is my favourite! It has been an honour to work with the UW crew team. I never went to college in the USA, and have been able to get a taste of what fun it can be!  
Level 4 - CF Seattle Potentrx Seattle Sports Medicine  
Thanks to Mike who worked with me on the OLY lifts and Dave for connecting with me! The medical support from Potentrx has been great. It has helped to make sure we are on the right track. Thanks you to the Team at SPM in Fremont, Seattle! Under the guidance of Dr Emily Cooper, we are refined and in the name of science push on to perfect performance!